TWPT Mar 15-21

Go Ann B Go!

The Weekly Pep Talk March 15 – 21, 2010

Dedicated to Ann B who just keeps plugging away at it. You have made amazing strides!

The Week in Review

Saturday, March 13 at Lake Merced – I ran with Brynden today. We checked out the Great Hiway washout near the zoo and then back tracked to Lake Merced. The weather was super. Brynden and I talked and ran around the lake and cut through at the golf course. It was a good pace and great company. Thanks Brynden! – Coach Stephanie

This Saturday our group returns to Sawyer Camp. All abilities are welcome. Details at

Sunday, March 14 at The Emeryville Marina – We could not have had a more beautiful day if we’d paid a million dollars for it. It was clear, crisp and contagious! Everyone was intoxicated by nature’s bounty – sun, sky, land, water…and WOW members!

Some of the ladies were hitting 14 miles this week in their training for the Oakland Half Marathon and they came through like real troopers! Kara, Elke, Ann, Claire, and Melanie did 14 for sure. Jeanetta, Christy, Lauren, Minming, Natalie, Shailushi, Stephaney, Ellen, and Gini were out doing their thing. Julie and Kathleen kept each other company, Marly and Ann shared the turf with Truman and Bruno as they walked and ran with their furry friends.

Thank you Lauren G for helping out at the 3.5 and 10.5 mile aid station. Congratulations to all you 14 milers, especially the first timers!

Last weekend, Minming W finished the Paris Half Marathon with a very respectable 2 hours and 15 minute time. Go for it!

Shailushi, welcome! You fit right in! Great to have you join us.

We missed you Beth but had a great run with Natalie. To all of you who forgot it was daylight savings time, you missed a fantastic workout! Definitely your loss…

Details for The Oakland Running Festival 5K and Half Marathon

Please go to the Oakland Running Festival Website for details about picking up your bib, and the rest of the things you need to know about the races on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

We’re all meeting at Lake Merritt this weekend for our final group training long workout before the big event. This week is a taper week so 5K’ers are doing a 5K and half marathoners are only doing 3 laps around the lake. 9.3 miles. A snap!

Coach Stephanie will be holding 3 discussions about the races during our workout this coming Sunday.

8:15 – Half marathoners will start the course while 5K Racers stay behind for our talk

5K Runners and Walkers – we will meet before you take off for your one circuit of Lake Merritt. We’ll go over where to meet, what to wear, eat, and I will answer any questions.

[b]9:50[/b] I will go over details with the first wave of half marathon trainees who will have completed the 9.3 miles in 95 minutes or less…

[b]11:00[/b] I will go over details for the second wave of half marathon trainees who will have completed 9.3 miles in 2 hours 30 minutes or less.

I will be selling WOW t-shirts on Sunday for any of you who will wear them in the race! I have all sizes and the cost is $25. I’d love to see a large group of you WOW Women dressed to race in your WOW t-shirts. I’d be extra proud! Make your checks out to ALTB International, Inc. please.

Upcoming Events

In addition to our ongoing fitness workouts, The WOW Team will be training and participating in

The Martinez Brickyard Run – April 18

The Bay to Breakers- May 16

The SF Half Marathon and Progressive Marathon/5K – Jul 25

The San Jose Rock’n’Roll October 3

The Wine Country/Healdsburg Marathon and Half Marathon on October 10

The CIM 4 – Person Relay on December 5, 2010 – End of Season! Everyone is invited to participate in this fun event!

If you would like to train for any of these events, please contact Coach Stephanie for details. And, for the calendar of all WOW workouts go to or visit the home page for all the current, breaking news, and maybe a bit of gossip at [url=] [/url]

I am so proud of all of you who made the commitment and stuck with the training for the upcoming Oakland Running Festival! It is truly close now. This week we are tapering. The hard work is over. Now you get to reap the benefits of your labor by one more major push. I know you can do it. You know you can do it. All you need to do now is do it! Go for it!

See you soon,
Coach Stephanie

“Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Coach Stephanie Atwood
Road Runners Club of America Certified Long Distance Running Coach
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
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  1. So Sorry I’m going to miss participating in the 1st Annual Oakland Running Festival with the indomitable WOW women. Remember to channel your inner Kenyan as you blast through town. – Ellen

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