TWPT Mar 29-Apr 4

The Weekly Pep Talk – March 29 – April 4, 2010

Dedicated to the gift that we all share in being able to move! Don’t waste it!

Dear WOW Ladies and Interested Readers,

Another amazing week! We now have the Oakland Running Festival behind us. For those of you who completed it, congratulations in a big way! For those who have other goals, let’s not forget what The WOW Team is about – lifetime fitness, through running and walking. We all have many more miles within us!

Be sure to go the link on our website titled “I did it!” to read the personal accounts of several of our team as they completed the races last weekend. If you participated please add your own comments by filling in the “Response” Box on the page. If you didn’t participate but want to congratulate those who did, please go to the same link and write your comments.

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