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how to stay motivated for running and trainingAll Women, All Abilities, All Ages, All Sizes, All Welcome

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Just for Women – Go WOW Team offers race training and ongoing fitness opportunities to walkers and runners. 

Lead by Head Coach and Sports Nutritionist Stephanie Atwood, with more than 30 years of professional experience and certifications from US Track and Field, Road Runners Club of America, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Institute of Integrative Nutrition and more, you are in for an opportunity to train with the best, make new friends, learn about nutrition, and explore just how far and fast you want to go with your goals!

Prices & Benefits

Train with Go WOW Team 2016Want to learn how to run your best and stay uninjured?

Need some help with nutrition?

Could you use some accountability?

Are you thinking “run for a lifetime” or “run yourself into the ground”? Go WOW has a “lifetime approach to running and training”.

Go WOW Team, Best Run Club in the Bay Area brings you opportunity that cannot be found anywhere else.

We are the ONLY Women’s Year-round training program with the highest level of coaching and care out there. This makes us The Best, The Very Best!

15 Reasons to Join Go WOW

  1. Nutrition and Run Coaching from award winning author, coach, and nutritionist Stephanie Atwood and other certified coaches. When you join us you receive two one to one, individual 50 minute sessions with our award winning team! (Value $270).
    • Session one is about nutrition and follows the direction of Stephanie’s best selling books about real food and metabolic fat burning. You will have a 50 minute session to discuss and determine nutritional goals to enhance your overall fitness and training plans.
    • Session 2 is about form analysis and setting realistic goals. We will meet in person to view form and function and discuss training plans. This is a time for your, unique you, to share how you see fitness as part of your lifestyle. We work with you to get you results!

2.  When you work out with Go WOW Team you are guided by the best coaches out there. This means that you are offered advice and techniques that will help you achieve your individual goals, whatever they might be.

3.  Professionally Coached Wednesday and Sunday training workouts plus several “other optional runs and walks” each week. You can choose to participate in track workouts, stair climbing, boot camp, walk and run de-stress after work, trail runs, Saturday walks, etc. All are led by reliable volunteers, several are led by certified coaches

4.  Workouts for different abilities. Go WOW Team hosts walkers, runners, and the very popular run/walkers

5.  Friends and Running Buddies to workout with for life

6.  The opportunity to reach your full potential as an athlete, and make fitness a part of your daily life with The BEST RUN CLUB in the BAY AREA!

7.  Bling – Go WOW Style! A Go WOW Team T-shirt, reflective backpack, and autographed book by Coach Stephanie

8.  Track, tempo, and endurance runs with an individualized pace chart

9.  Invitation to The Winners’ Circle with lifetime membership in our private facebook group

10.  Online, self-directed training modules taking you from novice to experienced

11.  Day by day training plans for 5K, 10K, half and full marathons for novice to intermediate levels written by Coach Stephanie

12.  The Weekly Pep Talk – WOW Team Newsletter

13.  Race and special events at no extra cost or a discount

14.  An ongoing group so that, when you finish training for this next goal you can continue running, run/walking, or walking with us every week for as long as you wish and train for races as you wish, too!

15.  Fitness, friendship, fun, and more! All year, every year for a lifetime.

Ready to join us? Sign up here!

You may join at any time though we highly recommend starting with a race training program date. Details on Meetup.com or contact us directly by email, Facebook, or phone.

Train for the Oakland Run Fest with Go WOW Team, the official women's training program of the Oakland Run Fest

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All Women, All Abilities, All Ages, All Sizes, All Welcome

Wherever you are in your training Coach Stephanie and Go WOW Team welcome you. Start today! 

There will never be a better time than RIGHT NOW! Activate Your WOW!

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