Marathon Training

The Go WOW Team marathon Training Program will be an 18 week program for women who have successfully completed at least 2 half marathons within the past 2 years. The emphasis will be on endurance but the training will include speed work, tempo runs, and long runs up to 30 miles.

Go WOW will choose a different marathon each year to train for as a group. Ask us what we are training for this year.

Award Winning Runner and Coach Stephanie Atwood wants to train you!

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  1. HI,

    I am new to California and I am looking for a running group to train for the CIM in December of this year. Does your group have a training plan for this marathon? Also, where do you guys meet to do your Saturday long runs? I currently reside in Menlo Park, so I’m looking for a group close to there.
    Thank you for your time.


    1. hi michelle,

      welcome to california! yes we do have a training program for cim but we are mainly based in the east bay. i don’t have a club to recommend in menlo park but would check out Sports Basement and see what they know.

      i am currenly dealing with a broken collar bone so typing is togh with one hand!

      come see us some time and take a look at our calendar on our website.

      stephanie atwood

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