WOW What a Team

2004 WOW October farewell to Michaela 002 (640x480)

Studies have shown that runners are more successful when they are part of a group.  By being part of a group, you know you will have someone to run with, and that someone is there waiting for you at a specific time.  So often we would not get out of bed early in the morning, or go out if it is cold or rainy; however, you don’t want to let your buddies down, so you show up.

We are all so grateful to Coach Stephanie for creating the WOW Team which fosters warm, caring support for all women, from walkers to marathoners and every distance in between.

So many times I am struck by the generosity of spirit shown by WOW Women.  Last week one of our members moved out of state, and so many women came out to say good-bye.  Another woman was coming back from injury and afraid to run for the first time back, and another member stepped up and said, “Come on, let’s go for a short run”.

It’s always a joy to have a new member join.  Not only do WOW Women cordially welcome new members but they all love watching the progress of the new member growing stronger with each work-out.

It is so inspiring to be a part of this diverse group of women.

Thank you, Coach Stephanie for providing this gift to all of us!