You won’t believe this: it’s the first time I completed an 8 mile run …!

Hello Stephanie – it seems like ages since I last saw you at the Sunday run around Lake Merritt. Thank you so much for calling.  I got your voice mail but haven’t been able to get back to you.  It’s been quite hectic for me. I missed the run at Emeryville yesterday.  I’m not sure whom I should blame: myself or the weather forecaster, who by Saturday evening said that it’d be a downpour first thing Sunday morning, … so I decided to sleep in. But, I’m very happy to report that I ran 8 miles at 4 mph last night on a treadmill (we have one at home).  I felt good after the 8 mile and felt that I could go for another 2 miles.

Stephanie – I have to thank you for creating the group and thank Lauren G. who introduced me to your group.  You won’t believe this: it’s the first time that I completed an 8 mile run …!

I won’t be able to make the Wednesday meeting at Piedmont Track – family/kid duties.  I will try to make the Sunday meeting and meanwhile, will try to see if I can do a 10-mile treadmill run this Wednesday.  Thank you again and see you this Sunday, Ann

This is what The WOW Team is all about. Go Ann! – Coach Stephanie

Moved and reposted in Go WOW Living 3-11-2016